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Our History

The seeds of our origin were planted in Memphis, Tennessee by Bill Traylor. The year was 1972 and Bill had been in the refrigeration business installing and servicing commercial coolers for grocery stores. Bill noticed the enormous amount of cardboard boxes being thrown away or burned and, having an entrepreneurial spirit, saw an opportunity to not only reduce the waste disposal costs for the grocery stores he serviced for his refrigeration company, but also reimburse them for their scrap cardboard. Additionally, Bill would provide the recycling equipment necessary to compact the cardboard into dense bales at each location. At the time, this was a fairly new idea in the South, but it caught on fast. Soon enough, Bill sold his refrigeration business and began recycling full-time.

In 1976, unsatisfied with the quality of recycling equipment on the market and ever the entrepreneur, Bill founded Waste Processing Equipment, Inc and began manufacturing his own line of “Max-Pak” balers. Waste Processing Equipment, still family-owned, manufacturers a full line of recycling equipment known for their dependability and rugged construction with equipment installed on six continents.

In 1981, Bill patented a flat-bed semi trailer able to haul a standard forklift. The driver would collect the bales of cardboard at each customer location and, when the trailer was full, off-load those bales at the paper mill. By the early 1990s, Bill was one of the largest private haulers of flat-bed corrugated cardboard tonnage in the Southeastern United States.

In 1992, The Traylor Group, Inc. was officially formed and since then, we have expanded our material markets to include all grades of paper, plastic scrap and light metal grades and our recycling solutions now include turn-key programs, consulting, brokering, logistics and equipment installation and service.

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